Monday, February 16, 2009

Frumps and Jo

(Frumps on the left and Jo on the right)

We haven't introduced ourselves yet so here's our introduction! Forgive us for the lousy camera-phone photo quality - we're saving up for a camera):

I hate making intros. Once I start, it never ends. I am a girl, who wants to live on her own capabilities. Totally hopeless in art, unlike Jo, so surprise surprise! I love fashion, I love dressing up and I love exploring. Contradictingly, I am not a big fan of shopping fullstop merci !

I'll be doing most of the writing in our blog. My loves are fashion, photographyand baking. My style has been described as girly and free-flowing(like dresses) but personally, i think i go for simplicity and hints of tiny details that pop.

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